American Bidet: Superior Cleansing, Comfort & Toilet Hygiene!

A Modern Solution For Any
Water — Pure And Simple — Is The
Best Cleanser.

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    Upgrade Your Toilet
    Seat With a Bidet
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    Way Beter Than
    Toilet Paper
    Or Wipes
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    Adds Water-Wash
    Function to Your
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    Easy & Fast
    to Install

Cleans You So Well and Feels Great!

Saves Money. Helps the Environment.

Inexpensive Non-Electrical Innovation Installs Easily On Your Existing Toilet

Feel so fresh and clean!
Save a bundle too.

~ a brilliantly wonderful improvement ~

Be Clean. Feel Good!

You do it every day and hardly ever give it much thought, but you never feel quite right and perfectly comfortable. That's because toilet paper can't get you very clean. Only water can.

You can go on the way you have been — a bit unclean and uncomfortable as the day goes on — or you can discover a whole new way of wiping that will leave you feeling great all day. In fact you will feel so clean you will wonder why it took so long to come up with this invention that you will love from day one!


It's so simple. Water is the key — the master cleanser that works far better than any other method. This brand new toilet innovation is a natural evolution from toilet paper. It delivers a precise thin spray of water right where you need it. Just a few sheets of toilet paper to pat dry and you’re done.


So-Kleen! — The American Bidet installs easily in minutes right under your toilet seat using your toilet’s water pressure — no plumber needed at all. You will save a minimum of 50% to 80% on your toilet paper instead of flushing your money down the toilet every day. And you'll help the environment at the same time.

Enjoy feeling wonderful and clean all day long.

Try it. We guarantee you're gonna love it!

So-Kleen! Development Team

No Hassles, No Questions Refund Policy


The Greatest Personal Hygiene Invention Since The Flush Toilet

The world changed when the flush toilet was invented. It ushered in a huge leap forward in personal hygiene and sanitation but it also created the unfortunate need for millions of trees and massive amounts of water and energy to make toilet paper.

The American Bidet is the next evolution in personal cleanliness and hygiene. 

It will reward you with its superior cleaning ability for your daily comfort level. At the same time, you  will save a bundle on toilet paper, helping the environment as a big bonus by reducing tree and water consumption and the use of toxic chlorine in manufacturing.


You're Going To Love
This Inexpensive Device.

After you go to the toilet, you wipe yourself with toilet paper. We all do it automatically without thinking. But how clean are you?

What if, while sitting on the toilet, you rinsed yourself with a gentle hands-free targeted water spray — getting you way cleaner than toilet paper can ever do? All you do after is pat yourself dry with a few sheets of toilet paper and you are done.

Wouldn’t that make you feel cleaner, fresher and better throughout your day?

So-Kleen! Is Paperless Toilet Paper!

So-Kleen! is a bidet toilet attachment — an amazingly simple invention — that directs a thin spray of fresh water from beneath the toilet seat upwards to clean you.

So-Kleen! simply uses the water pressure that runs your toilet.

It attaches to your toilet under your seat in minutes. No plumber or electricity needed.

You'll wonder why this wonderful device was never invented before! So simple, so perfect!

Bonus for women only!

With the nozzle tilt function you can have a unique feminine cleaning function by directing the gentle spray forwards.

No Hassles, No Questions Refund Policy


Let’s Talk Dirty! Graphic descriptions for adults only!

Sorry to be a bit graphic here folks… but the problem with toilet paper is simple.

As you wipe to get clean, it always leaves a thin residue that is spread until you see nothing much. And that last, almost-dry film leaves you always less than perfectly clean no matter how masterfully you wiped.

So what you say? “I’ve used toilet paper forever!”

Well, that last thin layer is absorbed by your surface pores for later discomfort making you feel unclean and uncomfortable.

You thought you were clean but in reality not fully.

Wiping with toilet paper just does not get you clean!

The Evolution of Wiping

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Imagine wiping the mud off your hands after gardening and calling that "clean" before eating! Even your kids wouldn't let you get away without washing your hands!

You don't wipe your hands to get clean; you wash them. Would you wash your dishes by just wiping them and use no water? No way!

So why is your bottom any different? Wiping simply can't get you perfectly clean! And clean is what you want for your daily comfort and hygiene.

Why in the world would you want to leave behind a thin film of poop on your behind when you could be oh so clean instead? Why risk contaminating your hands with germs if you don't have to?

And what about the endless cost day in and day out of all that irritating toilet paper? Why waste so much of your money and all the trees and water used to make your toilet paper?

Well, there is a better way to wipe...
a brilliantly simple solution… Hands-Free-Wiping!

So-Kleen! uses water. It is the most sanitary way to get perfectly clean after pooping. Period.

Clean It - Don't Spread it!

Hands-Free-Wiping™ Innovation

Who Could Use So-Kleen!?
It’s For Everyone…

  • to feel fresh and perfectly clean

  • to experience maximum personal hygiene

  • when suffering from constipation

  • when beset with diarrhea

  • when enduring hemorrhoids and anal fissures

  • when bothered by anal itch

  • for monthly feminine hygiene

  • for women before or after sexual activities

  • to prevent vaginitis, UTIs and yeast infection

  • for primary caregivers of the elderly or infirm

  • for arthritis sufferers

  • for people who have difficulty twisting

  • for post colorectal surgery and other nether surgeries

  • for pregnancy mobility

  • after childbirth for postpartum cleansing

  • for people with sensitive skin

  • for external prostate massage on perineum area

  • for those with Crohn's disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

  • for obesity mobility

  • for senior citizen mobility

  • for those with physical disabilities or dexterity problems

  • for some people with developmental disabilities

  • for eco-conscious consumers

  • for those who like to save money

No Hassles, No Questions Refund Policy


Why Is So-Kleen! Such a Superior Device
For Hands-Free-Wiping?

  • bottom’s-up soft water spray makes you shower-clean while sitting… hygienic and sanitary

  • primary pressure adjustment safety control in case of excessive home water pressure

  • secondary 5-click pressure adjuster allows a thin soft spray for ideal soothing cleaning to a firm spray for loosening constipation blockages

  • adjustable panel-controlled nozzle tilt direction — crucial to get exactly where you want for a perfect job — and for feminine needs

  • self-cleaning nozzle housing and nozzle sprayer for added hygiene

  • automatic retractable spray nozzle when not in use

  • hygienic no-touch-wiping reduces hand contamination and leaves hands much cleaner

  • saves big buck$ on toilet paper

  • saves trees and water used to make toilet paper

  • inexpensive affordable device easily converts your toilet seat to an additional bidet function

  • uses water pressure: no electricity needed

Get all these wonderful benefits now with So-Kleen! Your American Bidet

So-Kleen! is your answer for superior soothing
cleaning. It’s like having a mini-shower for the dirtiest
part of your body.

Simple To Install

The American Bidet fits on virtually all 2 piece toilets. It attaches under the seat. You simply remove the screws. Add the thin flat portion of the bidet underneath the seat and replace the screws.


You now can access the bidet control panel outside the toilet seat on the right.

You then attach the T-connector to your toilet water supply line valve that you can see on the underside of the toilet’s water tank. You re-attach the toilet supply line to one side of the T-connector.


The durable flexible metal hose line is factory installed to the other side of the T-connector and its other end to the So-Kleen! control panel.

And you’re done. That simple. No plumber needed.

You get all the high quality metal fittings to do it in the box with your So-Kleen!. Leak-free and hassle-free.

In just minutes you are literally ready for business in a whole new way!

It accomplishes all this without electricity simply using the water pressure that runs your toilet. A truly breakthrough design.

Every home, school and office could use the American Bidet.

No Hassles, No Questions Refund Policy


Save A Fortune On Toilet Paper

Do you spend and spend going through rolls and rolls of toilet paper? Ever notice how often you're changing rolls and lugging them home from the store?

Well, with So-Kleen! you only use a small amount of toilet paper to pat your bottom dry. You'll pay for your device in months, and then you'll start saving money as a bonus!

Completely Adjustable

So-Kleen!'s water nozzle delivers a refreshing spray of water for a hygienic and soothing alternative to toilet paper.

The water spray strength can be fine-tuned with the water pressure dial on the control panel with its 5-click settings. You’ll get exactly what you want from a gentle thin spray to a firm stream to ensure your unique comfort and preference.

The nozzle also has an important feature for superior results - an adjustable tilt control.

From the control panel, you can tilt the nozzle forward and back a little at a time to get you exactly where you want with the water spray for a perfect clean-up job, and forward for feminine cleaning.

This is a wonderful and crucial design feature for optimum personalized cleanliness and convenience.

With both tilt and pressure adjustments, The American Bidet ensures highly effective cleaning.

Do You Like To Be Clean —
Really Clean — Down There?

This revolutionary yet inexpensive breakthrough will change your life. It is that simple. You’ll feel wonderful and refreshed… squeaky clean day after day, and all day long without having to shower after going.

Completely sanitary, non-irritating and gentle.

You'll smell fresher and feel so much better & oh-so-clean!

Water, the world's best cleaner, cleans beyond what toilet paper can ever do. That old way of wiping can never get you really clean.

You've just lived with that inferior wiping solution because there was never a convenient yet simple and affordable non-irritating alternative to toilet paper.

In a nutshell, The American Bidet does to toilet paper what the invention of toilet paper did to leaves and newspaper. Made ‘em obsolete!

Just rinse it — don't spread it.

Let water do the dirty work.

Your bottom will love it and you'll feel great!

No Hassles, No Questions Refund Policy


Need more convincing dear reader?
If so then read on...


Is Wiping A Pain In The Ass?

Do You Feel Sore Down There?

Too much wiping with toilet paper, no matter how soft, can leave you feeling irritated and sore down there (despite all the kittens playing with rolls of the stuff!). Even wipes can irritate from the chemicals in them.

Nothing is as soft as water. Keep those bottom cheeks squeaky clean and pain-free instead with a soft water spray.

You’re going to love your American Bidet and we guarantee that!


Do you suffer from hemorrhoids?

Well, you gotta have an American Bidet. No more having to wipe with toilet paper that feels like sandpaper or even worse, a shredder, adding irritation to injury on highly sensitive skin and contributing to bacterial growth. Feel soothed and refreshed instead with a gentle soft water spray, thus speeding your healing as a side benefit.

Do you suffer from constipation? The Constipation Buster...

Your American Bidet will lubricate and massage your bottom with the stronger flow settings to loosen things up, thus relaxing your sphincter muscle making it much easier to go. This works like a charm!

Do you suffer
from Diarrhea?

Well this the only way to wipe without getting sorer and sorer each time you have to go. Water is the soothing answer.

Added bonus for women only!

Yes it can clean that part of you too making your monthlies far easier or post love-making cleanup a snap. Hygienic feminine wash just for you.

Simply adjust the nozzle tilt position. It’ll forward the gentle spray to your privates and you’ll feel so clean instantly!

And using water instead of toilet paper after pooping will reduce drastically your risk of vaginal contamination with fecal matter from dirty underwear which can cause vaginal infections.

You'll Never Want To Go Back To Toilet Paper To Wipe Yourself...

Wiping that old way does not wipe you clean… It wipes you dirty!

We guarantee this wonderful invention will change your life
and leave you feeling fully satisfied and happy.

You have 60 days to love it or you can return it for a
no-questions-asked refund.

Another Guarantee:
You'll wonder how you ever did without your American Bidet.

No Hassles, No Questions Refund Policy


Superior and touchless wiping

Much more hygienic

Much softer and gentler on your skin

Positive environmental impact

Prevent clogged toilet syndrome

Brilliant design

Elegance and simplicity of use

Exquisite functionality

Easy installation

Saves you money every day

Way better than toilet paper!


The American Bidet

Unlike the European French bidet that is a
separate fixture taking up valuable
bathroom space — lacking easy
functionality (you gotta waddle over from
the toilet) splashing water all over your

So-Kleen!: The American Bidet
is a great invention — it sits
right under your toilet seat thus
delivering water easily and
directly with a narrow targeted
gentle spray exactly where you
need it. The sprayer has 5 tiny
holes close together for perfect


And you certainly don’t want
to figure out where and how
to use this one! (It’s an
antique Parisian style bidet!)

Retractable Nozzle & Self-Cleaning Feature

A wonderful added feature is the spray nozzle. It drops down only when the bidet spray is in use and when the bidet is turned off, the nozzle retracts automatically inside the exterior nozzle housing to ensure the highest level of hygiene.

And before using the spray you can set the self-cleaning function to flush the outside nozzle housing and the spray nozzle inside. Pretty neat design feature. This self-cleaning function serves as an added hygienic bonus.

You're just going to love your American Bidet!


Let's Talk Dirty Some More!

You wipe yourself to what you think is clean only to discover
later on that you are unclean down there. What was "clean"
before is now an uncomfortable mess...


You know that unpleasant feeling!

Did you know that the residue left after toilet paper wiping
is full of germs, bacteria, viruses, and funguses? If your
immune system is down, then you are more vulnerable to
infections and irritations and, for women, vaginal problems.

As you sweat during the day, you feel unclean and
even smelly between your cheeks. And sometimes it can even
hurts from the rawness.


All too often we get this problem. Till now, we just lived with it.
We just think it's normal except of course we don’t ever talk
about it! Why endure such unpleasantries any more?

Well no more! Banish wiping that never gets you perfectly
clean. Until now you never had a simple elegant solution.

Why not prevent all this from happening in the first place? Your American Bidet will work like a charm.

So simple a concept and a true miracle in your life to always be nice and clean and refreshed down there.


Sure you can use sprays and deodorants and wet wipes. But that's not clean and water-fresh, and you know it. Till now you really didn't have much choice. But now you do with  this amazing toilet enhancement.

Using toilet paper just can't clean you properly in your dirtiest part of your body. Water is the only way. Let water do your dirty work!

Try the American Bidet! Its soothing water spray will leave you feeling shower-fresh and clean all day long! And it’s so enjoyable to use.

No Hassles, No Questions Refund Policy


And Save The Environment
At The Same Time

Here's how: you’ll save a ton of trees used to make
your toilet paper.

You'll also eliminate a huge amount of toxic chlorine which bleaches and softens the paper, but most is then discharged into our rivers and oceans as even more dangerous dioxins.

And you'll save gallons and gallons of clean water too!

You see, making the pulp and then the toilet paper and its bleaching use an immense amount of fresh water in the process. In fact almost 55 gallons per roll! And you know how valuable fresh water is.

With So-Kleen! you will use only 1-2 cups per use or a tiny fraction of a gallon.

So a poop a day will use about 1 gallon of water per week.

American Bidet vs. Toilet Paper

Now add in the huge fuel costs of harvesting the trees (15 million trees per year — that’s about the size of Central Park in New York every day for a year {2.5 miles long and
1/2 a mile wide = 51 blocks every day!}) and transporting them to the pulp mills, and from there moving the toilet paper in giant trucks to stores all across the country.

What a waste of trees and energy!

Whoops, and how many emergency runs
by car to the store when you run out of
toilet paper?!

Plus the very significant energy needed to
produce and dry the paper. Papermaking is the
third most energy-intensive manufacturing
process and the third largest user of fossil fuels

You have a BIG environmental impact just from


Wanna Save Money Too?

How often do you change your toilet paper roll? How many rolls of toilet paper do you and your family go through in a week — in a month?

The average cost per roll is easily $1.00 and we use 1½ rolls per person per week or more. You do the math
(hint $75 per year, per person! And more if you are addicted to super soft versions.)


The average cost per roll is easily $1.00 and we use 1½ rolls per person per week or more. You do the math (hint $75 per year, per person! And more if you are addicted to super soft versions.)

With So-Kleen! you will reduce your toilet paper expense significantly from 50-80% (while using on average less than 2 cups of water per use — remember, it is precision directed by you — or about 1 gallon of water per week). You will pay for your unit in no time and then will start saving money instead of flushing it down the toilet.

So feel good on your bottom and on your bottom line by doing good effortlessly. Just an added bonus of your choice to buy your American Bidet.

No Hassles, No Questions Refund Policy


Your Toilet Paper Can Be
A Health Hazard...

We use it every day and assume that toilet paper contains no
harmful chemicals. It’s white after all. In most cases, though, there’s
no such thing as a completely non-toxic toilet paper.

As you know, toilet paper manufacturers use chlorine to bleach the paper to make it snowy
white, resulting in the creation of an even more toxic chemical: dioxin.

The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that dioxin is 300,000 times more
carcinogenic than DDT, which makes dioxin one of the most toxic man-made chemicals.

Traces of dioxin can be found on toilet paper bleached with chlorine. It’s a lifetime of use
that could present problems…

Exposure to even low levels of dioxins has been linked to hormone changes, immune
system disruption, birth defects reduced fertility and other reproductive problems. A
growing body of research indicates that chronic, low doses of many toxins can be quite

Dioxins accumulate in our body over time because they cannot be excreted.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is also found in toilet paper especially those made from recycled paper
tainted with micrograms of BPA from other paper sources like most cash register receipts.

BPA is easily absorbed into the body through contact with the thin anal skin. So when you
wipe with BPA-laden toilet paper, the toxin goes right into your bloodstream. Yes, it is minute
amounts, but used every day, it accumulates.

BPA is a chemical that disrupts the endocrine system and actually mimics the female
hormone estrogen. It may be responsible for an increase in fertility problems among women
and prostate enlargement and sexual health problems including lower sex drive in men by
affecting testosterone levels.

Toilet paper also contains formaldehyde. In addition to being a skin irritant, formaldehyde is
a known cancer-causer.

All these chemicals are used to make toilet paper whiter, softer, and stronger by improving
its wet-strength. But they are all known to be carcinogenic.


For women, many vaginal rashes could be explained by reactions to the chemicals in toilet paper rather than being a yeast infection.

And colored and scented toilet paper are even worse than white because of the added chemicals.

Bottom line on your bottom: the less toilet paper you use the better.


What Should You Do?

Try 'em... you'll love them!


No Hassles, No Questions Refund Policy

Want A Little Added Luxury?

Cozy-Warm American Bidet

If you live in a mostly mild or warm climate, then you'll love the cold
water version for its refreshing feeling.

Some people in a colder or four-season climate who live in a high-rise will be fine with the cold-only version as the water in the cold line has a chance to warm up a bit in the building’s long water lines during the winter.

While we believe the cold water version is perfect for most people, in much colder climates, in winter, you just may want some added comfort…

The Cozy-Warm American Bidetmodel sprays with warm water so you can have a wonderful warm water wash.

  • No electricity needed

  • The hot water line attachment connects to the hot water line under your sink with another T-connector. (Note that you will need the sink or another hot water accessible outlet to be on the same side as your toilet if you don’t want to hire a plumber to access your hot water.)

  • You create your ideal warm temperature setting which you can adjust as the seasons change.

  • Safety: to prevent accidental scalding from your hot water line temperature, the bidet has an external temperature adjuster to set your warm temperature for different seasons and hot water tank settings. Other models do not have this crucial safety feature.

    When the hot water mixes with your cold water, the temperature inside your bidet is your perfect warm setting. You won’t ever be scaled by accident.

    Imagine, with other models — a new guest, child, a person with dexterity problems, an elderly person, etc can easily make a mistake and turn the temperature dial to Hot by accident and be scalded. This can never happen with the American Bidet because we built this crucial safety feature into the design so there is no risk of scalding.

You set your temperature for warm when you install your bidet and that is the temperature
the water will be until you adjust it once or twice a year for different seasons. In the summer you just may want cold only, as an example.

  • Cozy-Warm Model has a nozzle cleaning setting
    on the bidet control panel (just turn the dial to
    the left) that releases the incoming water downwards both to clean the spray nozzle and nozzle spray housing before use and to allow the water in the hot water line to get up to the proper temperature before mixing with the cold water to produce your perfect warm water. (Note: a
    standard ½” water line would use 1 quart of water warming up the line to the bidet for every 25 feet running from your hot water tank. If the water at your sink is already warmed up then the line to the bidet would use at most a cup.)

  • Retractable self-cleaning spray nozzle when not in use.

  • Maximum bidet water pressure can be reduced for households with above average pressure settings so when using the bidet the maximum
    5-click pressure dial setting is not too strong. (Other bidets can have a pressure setting which is way too strong. You don’t want to be rocket-launched while sitting on your throne if you turn the dial too far by accident! — this can’t happen with So-Kleen!)

  • Same adjustable tilt nozzle.

  • Same size and shape.

  • Bonus: use the warm water in the cleansing nozzle mode (left on your dial) and you will have nice warm water to help make cleaning your toilet bowl a snap on cleaning days.


No Hassles, No Questions Refund Policy


Need More Convincing Dear Reader?

You don't want to spend your days walking around feeling
uncomfortable and less than clean do you? Bottom line?
Your bottom needs help if you want to be clean.

A clean bottom feels so good both physically and
emotionally. You feel great and you know you are always at your attractive best. And it is oh so
simple with So-Kleen! to feel completely clean,
fresh and comfortable.

You just sit there and let nature's water do the
trick while you are king or queen on your throne!

Revolutionary is how to describe it.

The American Bidet will do the trick real quick!


And wipes are still nowhere near as good at
cleaning and refreshing as a water wash. Never
mind the added financial cost and damage to home
or city septic systems. And some cities are now banning their use. Reduce home plumbing
problems and prevent clogs.

Instead use the American Bidet and let nature's water clean and refresh you while you sit comfortably on your throne!

Standing room only
or sit down on the job…

Sure you could wash your bottom at the sink with a washcloth. You’ll stand there with your pants and undies down at your knees or your dress hiked up above your waist with your panties pushed down low so you can barely waddle to the sink!

Or you could wait till later to use a washcloth but then it will hurt from the rawness, will feel rough and can never get you as clean as the gentle water spray from your So-Kleen! American Bidet.

Why bother with such hassles?

Yes, some folks use wet wipes as their
improvement on toilet paper after wiping. But the toxic chemicals in wipes can sting you after a while and are absorbed into your body for an added
health burden.


Bottoms up!

Your American Bidet will wash you even better than a shower.  The water comes bottoms-up while a shower from top down. So which cleans better? Direct spraying upwards or downward flowing?

And here's a big one: your cheeks are open while sitting on your throne and closed while standing in a shower. So So-Kleen! gets you where it counts while you are open and able!


Save time, money & hassle

  • no lugging giant toilet paper packs home every week
    taking up valuable storage space

  • no time for showering after pooping? Take a mini
    shower bottom's up!

  • and save money every day!

No Hassles, No Questions Refund Policy


No Hassles, No Questions Refund Policy

Last Chance Dear Reader?

Do you really need more convincing? Let me ask you something please.

If you got some poop on your hand, would you wipe it off or wash it? Of course you couldn’t wait to clean it with water.

Just because poop is not visible after using toilet paper, it does not mean antiquated wiping methods are the best!

You'll never want to go back. You now know just how primitive toilet paper is.

You will be amazed at how wonderful you feel after you use So-Kleen! The American Bidet.

The Evolution
of the Bidet...

From a confusing free-standing bathroom fixture found in Europe taking up extra space in the bathroom (how the heck do they work and how are you supposed to sit, do you have to waddle over from the toilet to finish up? or is it for women only!?) …

… to one of those fancy Japanese toilets you've heard about... those expensive ones that do it all for you and cost many thousands…

… to the evolutionary affordable toilet attachment — The American Bidet — that works wonders for a fraction of the cost with easy installation on your existing toilet and no electricity needed.

Our Story

There are other units out there. You can search for them. They do work OK, sort of.

You see. We made it our mission to develop the best possible unit after experiencing many problems with other bidets.

So we bought all the existing units direct from the manufacturers. We checked them all out by installing them and could see how well they worked and were designed. We tested and retested them over time.

These were some of our requirements for the manufacturer’s product:
  • 1. Easy to mount

  • 2. Self cleaning nozzle and housing

  • 3. Adjustable tilt position on the control panel

  • 4. Adjustable primary pressure control that can limit too much water pressure into the bidet so no risk of accidental rocket launch, and a secondary 5-click adjuster dial on the bidet for personalized preference

  • 5. Exact aim so as not to splash around the anus

  • 6. Cold only model or warm model option

  • 7. Warm model --- must have the ability to allow cleansing the nozzle first so as the hot water has time to travel from the hot water tank so temperature is just right and no surprises to the bum!

  • 8. Safety: no chance of scalding ever!

Only one had enough of the functions necessary to have an optimum product. And then we worked with the manufacturer to make it even better and safer to suit North American standards:
  • Safety from accidental scalding or too much pressure!

  • Ease of use and functionality — just one control knob instead of 2 or 3 confusing ones:

  • Modern elegant design

  • Adjustable for different seasons and hot water tank temperatures (on Cozy-Warm model)

  • Nozzle tilt direction from the control panel not down underneath moving the nozzle by hand inside the toilet bowl like some units require!

  • Highest quality metal fittings for leak-proof design

  • Ease of cleaning at the back of the toilet seat

  • Most important: perfect results for hands-free-wiping.

The result:

So-Kleen! The American Bidet.

Evaluation notes of rejected units:

  • Some competitive units offer an adjustable nozzle tilt too, but some can't be adjusted from the control panel. You have to adjust it while sitting on the seat by reaching down inside the toilet bowl and gently adjust it bit by bit until you get it just right. Don't know about you but that is one place to keep hands-free! (Several models said they were “adjustable” but you discover after buying that it is by hand underneath the toilet seat!)

  • Pay Less - Get Less: Some manufacturers of bidets claim that their splash-guard is a better feature… but

    • 1. You can’t clean it automatically like you can the spray nozzle housing so the splash-guard can stay dirty until you get down on your hands and knees to clean it manually.

    • 2. The hinge to open the splash-guard gate for the sprayer to work needs to be flimsy so that the water pressure can open it.

    • 3. Most likely with extra non-essential moving parts it will break off in time.

  • Some have 2 nozzles… There are several problems with 2 nozzles:

    • 1. They can't be perfectly centered. So the spray will never be perfectly on target… a bit too far to the left or right.

    • 2. More moving parts to break.

    • 3. Harder to clean.

    • 4. Unless infinitesimally adjustable, one-size-fits-all won't get you exactly where you want… you need to be able to adjust forward and back a smidge at a time by using our tilt adjuster.

  • Inelegant, flimsy or hugely chunky control panels

  • Ugly poor-designed attachment area under the seat making cleaning too difficult on the rim beneath the toilet seat

  • Flimsy parts and cheap plastic fittings

  • Leaking problems

  • Terribly poor installation instructions

  • Inadequate how to use instructions

The cheapest unit you can find may not be the safest and best solution. The last thing you need is for a fitting to break spraying water all over your bathroom or other problems like “lift-off” or scalding by accident.

Invest in enduring quality and get
outstanding design and performance

The American Bidet:

The Evolutionary Water-Way To Get Clean

The World's Safest and Easiest To Use Bidet

Bidet by So-Kleen!

No Hassles, No Questions Refund Policy


No Hassles, No Questions Refund Policy

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