Bottoms Up

Need More Convincing Dear Reader?

You don't want to spend your days walking around feeling
uncomfortable and less than clean do you? Bottom line?
Your bottom needs help if you want to be clean.

A clean bottom feels so good both physically and
emotionally. You feel great and you know you are always at your attractive best. And it is oh so
simple with So-Kleen! to feel completely clean,
fresh and comfortable.

You just sit there and let nature's water do the
trick while you are king or queen on your throne!

Revolutionary is how to describe it.

The American Bidet will do the trick real quick!


And wipes are still nowhere near as good at
cleaning and refreshing as a water wash. Never
mind the added financial cost and damage to home
or city septic systems. And some cities are now banning their use. Reduce home plumbing
problems and prevent clogs.

Instead use the American Bidet and let nature's water clean and refresh you while you sit comfortably on your throne!

Standing room only
or sit down on the job…

Sure you could wash your bottom at the sink with a washcloth. You’ll stand there with your pants and undies down at your knees or your dress hiked up above your waist with your panties pushed down low so you can barely waddle to the sink!

Or you could wait till later to use a washcloth but then it will hurt from the rawness, will feel rough and can never get you as clean as the gentle water spray from your So-Kleen! American Bidet.

Why bother with such hassles?

Yes, some folks use wet wipes as their
improvement on toilet paper after wiping. But the toxic chemicals in wipes can sting you after a while and are absorbed into your body for an added
health burden.


Bottoms up!

Your American Bidet will wash you even better than a shower.  The water comes bottoms-up while a shower from top down. So which cleans better? Direct spraying upwards or downward flowing?

And here's a big one: your cheeks are open while sitting on your throne and closed while standing in a shower. So So-Kleen! gets you where it counts while you are open and able!


Save time, money & hassle

  • no lugging giant toilet paper packs home every week
    taking up valuable storage space

  • no time for showering after pooping? Take a mini
    shower bottom's up!

  • and save money every day!