Cozy-Warm American Bidet

Want A Little Added Luxury?

Cozy-Warm American Bidet

If you live in a mostly mild or warm climate, then you'll love the cold
water version for its refreshing feeling.

Some people in a colder or four-season climate who live in a high-rise will be fine with the cold-only version as the water in the cold line has a chance to warm up a bit in the building’s long water lines during the winter.

While we believe the cold water version is perfect for most people, in much colder climates, in winter, you just may want some added comfort…

The Cozy-Warm American Bidetmodel sprays with warm water so you can have a wonderful warm water wash.

  • No electricity needed

  • The hot water line attachment connects to the hot water line under your sink with another T-connector. (Note that you will need the sink or another hot water accessible outlet to be on the same side as your toilet if you don’t want to hire a plumber to access your hot water.)

  • You create your ideal warm temperature setting which you can adjust as the seasons change.

  • Safety: to prevent accidental scalding from your hot water line temperature, the bidet has an external temperature adjuster to set your warm temperature for different seasons and hot water tank settings. Other models do not have this crucial safety feature.

    When the hot water mixes with your cold water, the temperature inside your bidet is your perfect warm setting. You won’t ever be scaled by accident.

    Imagine, with other models — a new guest, child, a person with dexterity problems, an elderly person, etc can easily make a mistake and turn the temperature dial to Hot by accident and be scalded. This can never happen with the American Bidet because we built this crucial safety feature into the design so there is no risk of scalding.

You set your temperature for warm when you install your bidet and that is the temperature
the water will be until you adjust it once or twice a year for different seasons. In the summer you just may want cold only, as an example.

  • Cozy-Warm Model has a nozzle cleaning setting
    on the bidet control panel (just turn the dial to
    the left) that releases the incoming water downwards both to clean the spray nozzle and nozzle spray housing before use and to allow the water in the hot water line to get up to the proper temperature before mixing with the cold water to produce your perfect warm water. (Note: a
    standard ½” water line would use 1 quart of water warming up the line to the bidet for every 25 feet running from your hot water tank. If the water at your sink is already warmed up then the line to the bidet would use at most a cup.)

  • Retractable self-cleaning spray nozzle when not in use.

  • Maximum bidet water pressure can be reduced for households with above average pressure settings so when using the bidet the maximum
    5-click pressure dial setting is not too strong. (Other bidets can have a pressure setting which is way too strong. You don’t want to be rocket-launched while sitting on your throne if you turn the dial too far by accident! — this can’t happen with So-Kleen!)

  • Same adjustable tilt nozzle.

  • Same size and shape.

  • Bonus: use the warm water in the cleansing nozzle mode (left on your dial) and you will have nice warm water to help make cleaning your toilet bowl a snap on cleaning days.