Inexpensive & Paperless


You're Going To Love
This Inexpensive Device.

After you go to the toilet, you wipe yourself with toilet paper. We all do it automatically without thinking. But how clean are you?

What if, while sitting on the toilet, you rinsed yourself with a gentle hands-free targeted water spray — getting you way cleaner than toilet paper can ever do? All you do after is pat yourself dry with a few sheets of toilet paper and you are done.

Wouldn’t that make you feel cleaner, fresher and better throughout your day?

So-Kleen! Is Paperless Toilet Paper!

So-Kleen! is a bidet toilet attachment — an amazingly simple invention — that directs a thin spray of fresh water from beneath the toilet seat upwards to clean you.

So-Kleen! simply uses the water pressure that runs your toilet.

It attaches to your toilet under your seat in minutes. No plumber or electricity needed.

You'll wonder why this wonderful device was never invented before! So simple, so perfect!

Bonus for women only!

With the nozzle tilt function you can have a unique feminine cleaning function by directing the gentle spray forwards.