Last Chance

Last Chance Dear Reader?

Do you really need more convincing? Let me ask you something please.

If you got some poop on your hand, would you wipe it off or wash it? Of course you couldn’t wait to clean it with water.

Just because poop is not visible after using toilet paper, it does not mean antiquated wiping methods are the best!

You'll never want to go back. You now know just how primitive toilet paper is.

You will be amazed at how wonderful you feel after you use So-Kleen! The American Bidet.

The Evolution
of the Bidet...

From a confusing free-standing bathroom fixture found in Europe taking up extra space in the bathroom (how the heck do they work and how are you supposed to sit, do you have to waddle over from the toilet to finish up? or is it for women only!?) …

… to one of those fancy Japanese toilets you've heard about... those expensive ones that do it all for you and cost many thousands…

… to the evolutionary affordable toilet attachment — The American Bidet — that works wonders for a fraction of the cost with easy installation on your existing toilet and no electricity needed.