Our Story

Our Story

There are other units out there. You can search for them. They do work OK, sort of.

You see. We made it our mission to develop the best possible unit after experiencing many problems with other bidets.

So we bought all the existing units direct from the manufacturers. We checked them all out by installing them and could see how well they worked and were designed. We tested and retested them over time.

These were some of our requirements for the manufacturer’s product:
  • 1. Easy to mount

  • 2. Self cleaning nozzle and housing

  • 3. Adjustable tilt position on the control panel

  • 4. Adjustable primary pressure control that can limit too much water pressure into the bidet so no risk of accidental rocket launch, and a secondary 5-click adjuster dial on the bidet for personalized preference

  • 5. Exact aim so as not to splash around the anus

  • 6. Cold only model or warm model option

  • 7. Warm model --- must have the ability to allow cleansing the nozzle first so as the hot water has time to travel from the hot water tank so temperature is just right and no surprises to the bum!

  • 8. Safety: no chance of scalding ever!

Only one had enough of the functions necessary to have an optimum product. And then we worked with the manufacturer to make it even better and safer to suit North American standards:
  • Safety from accidental scalding or too much pressure!

  • Ease of use and functionality — just one control knob instead of 2 or 3 confusing ones:

  • Modern elegant design

  • Adjustable for different seasons and hot water tank temperatures (on Cozy-Warm model)

  • Nozzle tilt direction from the control panel not down underneath moving the nozzle by hand inside the toilet bowl like some units require!

  • Highest quality metal fittings for leak-proof design

  • Ease of cleaning at the back of the toilet seat

  • Most important: perfect results for hands-free-wiping.