Save Environment

And Save The Environment
At The Same Time

Here's how: you’ll save a ton of trees used to make
your toilet paper.

You'll also eliminate a huge amount of toxic chlorine which bleaches and softens the paper, but most is then discharged into our rivers and oceans as even more dangerous dioxins.

And you'll save gallons and gallons of clean water too!

You see, making the pulp and then the toilet paper and its bleaching use an immense amount of fresh water in the process. In fact almost 55 gallons per roll! And you know how valuable fresh water is.

With So-Kleen! you will use only 1-2 cups per use or a tiny fraction of a gallon.

So a poop a day will use about 1 gallon of water per week.

American Bidet vs. Toilet Paper

Now add in the huge fuel costs of harvesting the trees (15 million trees per year — that’s about the size of Central Park in New York every day for a year {2.5 miles long and
1/2 a mile wide = 51 blocks every day!}) and transporting them to the pulp mills, and from there moving the toilet paper in giant trucks to stores all across the country.

What a waste of trees and energy!