Save Paper Block


Save A Fortune On Toilet Paper

Do you spend and spend going through rolls and rolls of toilet paper? Ever notice how often you're changing rolls and lugging them home from the store?

Well, with So-Kleen! you only use a small amount of toilet paper to pat your bottom dry. You'll pay for your device in months, and then you'll start saving money as a bonus!

Completely Adjustable

So-Kleen!'s water nozzle delivers a refreshing spray of water for a hygienic and soothing alternative to toilet paper.

The water spray strength can be fine-tuned with the water pressure dial on the control panel with its 5-click settings. You’ll get exactly what you want from a gentle thin spray to a firm stream to ensure your unique comfort and preference.

The nozzle also has an important feature for superior results - an adjustable tilt control.

From the control panel, you can tilt the nozzle forward and back a little at a time to get you exactly where you want with the water spray for a perfect clean-up job, and forward for feminine cleaning.

This is a wonderful and crucial design feature for optimum personalized cleanliness and convenience.

With both tilt and pressure adjustments, The American Bidet ensures highly effective cleaning.