Simple to install

Simple To Install

The American Bidet fits on virtually all 2 piece toilets. It attaches under the seat. You simply remove the screws. Add the thin flat portion of the bidet underneath the seat and replace the screws.


You now can access the bidet control panel outside the toilet seat on the right.

You then attach the T-connector to your toilet water supply line valve that you can see on the underside of the toilet’s water tank. You re-attach the toilet supply line to one side of the T-connector.


The durable flexible metal hose line is factory installed to the other side of the T-connector and its other end to the So-Kleen! control panel.

And you’re done. That simple. No plumber needed.

You get all the high quality metal fittings to do it in the box with your So-Kleen!. Leak-free and hassle-free.

In just minutes you are literally ready for business in a whole new way!

It accomplishes all this without electricity simply using the water pressure that runs your toilet. A truly breakthrough design.

Every home, school and office could use the American Bidet.