Is Wiping A Pain In The Ass?

Do You Feel Sore Down There?

Too much wiping with toilet paper, no matter how soft, can leave you feeling irritated and sore down there (despite all the kittens playing with rolls of the stuff!). Even wipes can irritate from the chemicals in them.

Nothing is as soft as water. Keep those bottom cheeks squeaky clean and pain-free instead with a soft water spray.

You’re going to love your American Bidet and we guarantee that!


Do you suffer from hemorrhoids?

Well, you gotta have an American Bidet. No more having to wipe with toilet paper that feels like sandpaper or even worse, a shredder, adding irritation to injury on highly sensitive skin and contributing to bacterial growth. Feel soothed and refreshed instead with a gentle soft water spray, thus speeding your healing as a side benefit.

Do you suffer from constipation? The Constipation Buster...

Your American Bidet will lubricate and massage your bottom with the stronger flow settings to loosen things up, thus relaxing your sphincter muscle making it much easier to go. This works like a charm!

Do you suffer
from Diarrhea?

Well this the only way to wipe without getting sorer and sorer each time you have to go. Water is the soothing answer.