Who Could Use So-Kleen

Who Could Use So-Kleen!?
It’s For Everyone…

  • to feel fresh and perfectly clean

  • to experience maximum personal hygiene

  • when suffering from constipation

  • when beset with diarrhea

  • when enduring hemorrhoids and anal fissures

  • when bothered by anal itch

  • for monthly feminine hygiene

  • for women before or after sexual activities

  • to prevent vaginitis, UTIs and yeast infection

  • for primary caregivers of the elderly or infirm

  • for arthritis sufferers

  • for people who have difficulty twisting

  • for post colorectal surgery and other nether surgeries

  • for pregnancy mobility

  • after childbirth for postpartum cleansing

  • for people with sensitive skin

  • for external prostate massage on perineum area

  • for those with Crohn's disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

  • for obesity mobility

  • for senior citizen mobility

  • for those with physical disabilities or dexterity problems

  • for some people with developmental disabilities

  • for eco-conscious consumers

  • for those who like to save money