Why Is So-Kleen!

Why Is So-Kleen! Such a Superior Device
For Hands-Free-Wiping?

  • bottom’s-up soft water spray makes you shower-clean while sitting… hygienic and sanitary

  • primary pressure adjustment safety control in case of excessive home water pressure

  • secondary 5-click pressure adjuster allows a thin soft spray for ideal soothing cleaning to a firm spray for loosening constipation blockages

  • adjustable panel-controlled nozzle tilt direction — crucial to get exactly where you want for a perfect job — and for feminine needs

  • self-cleaning nozzle housing and nozzle sprayer for added hygiene

  • automatic retractable spray nozzle when not in use

  • hygienic no-touch-wiping reduces hand contamination and leaves hands much cleaner

  • saves big buck$ on toilet paper

  • saves trees and water used to make toilet paper

  • inexpensive affordable device easily converts your toilet seat to an additional bidet function

  • uses water pressure: no electricity needed

Get all these wonderful benefits now with So-Kleen! Your American Bidet

So-Kleen! is your answer for superior soothing
cleaning. It’s like having a mini-shower for the dirtiest
part of your body.